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Your Gateway to Industry 4.0

Who we are

NOVARION Systems is one of the technology leading high performance computer manufacturer. We are capable of providing life cycle managed and top of the edge featured Integrated Systems to our thousands of customers in various fields of industries, scientific and governmental organizations as well.

Our mission

NOVARION is dedicated to create computers which serve for a better future of humanity. This starts with the development of low energy footprint machines and ends with artificial intelligent systems.

How we do it

At NOVARION, open minded people from very different disciplines work together. Such as physicists, hard- & software engineers, market and technical analysts. In an environment of passion and determination for future science and technology, the NOVARION community exceeds most other organizations in terms of efficiency. Additionally NOVARION invites all interested specialists to collaborate with the unique NOVARION ecosystem. Our doors are always open for such minded people.

Focal point in Industry 4.0
NOVARION's focal point in Industry 4.0 – Georg Gesek

NOVARION develops the data center of the 21st century by spanning a high transaction processing layer for meta-information over the traditional computing devices. This Transaction Processor shall be capable of the same amount of transactions per second as the human brain by 2025.

Product overview

For more information about our products, please click the tiles above

Examples of NOVARION's high performance data center appliances

Extreme parallel processing machine
Extreme parallel processing machine with more than 8000
processor cores for A.I. & Big Data. – Georg Gesek

Extreme Parallel I/O block storage system
Extreme Parallel I/O block storage system with 1000 Gb/s throughput
for the fasted data bases beyond in-memory. – Georg Gesek

Work for the future

NOVARION implements new technologies with first time to market such as:

  •  Non Volatile Memory like 3DXpoint, NVDIMM
  •  Quantum Technology like Quantum Encryption & Quantum Processors
  •  New production techniques like 7LP (see below) and Silicon Photonics

Focal point in Industry 4.0
7LP Platform – Georg Gesek

Thus we recommend to get in contact with us, in order to let your computers achieve their great goal ...

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